Ripping Code (2008)

I was wondering does anyone remember how to take code of the robot and put it in a file to fix. We lost last year’s code and we might be making some changes for an upcoming demo.

i may let me get back with you

The code in an IFI Robot Controller is compiled bits for the PIC processor. There is a utility that will allow you to pull the bits out and make a file of data that you can put back in later, but there is no reasonable way to turn that file into C source code.

You can turn the binary you pull off the IFI controller into assembly code if you’re feeling adventurous…

Really? So there’s no code protection on PICs then?

Code protection on PICs (at least most of them, if not all of them) is an option that you set when you program the chip.


Well now’s a good time as any to learn how to read assembly :P.

Or rewrite! :slight_smile:

Real programmers program down to the metal! :cool:

Well, once you get it translated from hexadecimal code. I don’t know if this PDF is the correct one, but it is from the same PIC family and shows you the instruction set. Maybe if you google some more you can find a Hex to Assembler translator. Or write your own? Here’s an on-line lesson on the instruction set.

Now, after writing all that, I still don’t remember the method to get the code off the robot, but I do remember it was possible. And desperate. Writing new code is easier.

No, [i]real programmers use butterflies :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but is it haiku-compliant?

But I’m rather partial to the International Obfuscated C Code Contest.

I wonder if jamie_1930 got the code out of the robot?

Actually looking around forever I finally realized that under the download for the ifi loader on there is a link to download the device reader and this is, I’m pretty sure, what I’m looking for. Although I’m not sure now because I’m trying to upload new code onto the board so I can test out the programming, but I’m getting a no programming board found error on the ifi loader. I’ll let you guys know if I get it working

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