RiveDrill/ Riveter drill attachments?

Has anybody on these forums used a RiveDrill or other hand-drill-to-riveter adapter before? They seem really handy; faster/easier than by hand, and far more portable than pneumatic. Getting into tight spaces would be hard, but for many riveting jobs they seem handy.

EDIT: here’s a video of one in use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2Y7YcyUE_o

Hi aside61,

Love these types of tools. The biggest thing to keep in mind though with a lot of these adapters is that incorrect use can cause damage. If you don’t run the drill in reverse after the rivet has been popped you can cause the drill to get stuck and you’ll have to disassemble.

In terms of tool access, that’s more a design problem than anything. I’d personally suggest that anything a typical rivet gun, either pneumatic or hand, should also be accessible by this but it’s obviously a case to case basis.

When it comes to power use, they definitely work with cordless drills but I’d suggest you used wired as you’ll eat up a battery pretty fast and having the extra torque that most wired drills offer is handy.

Personally I’m more a fan of pneumatic when possible as it’s just a cleaner 1-and-done, but to each their own!

Great video that shows a lot about these types of tools

In conclusion, definitely a fastenating set of tools you’re looking at!
(Make sure to test the riveting capabilities on scrap materials before using on your robot)

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We used them a few years ago, but they just didn’t hold up and now we use pneumatics or manual ones.

How quickly did they break? What brand did you use? What exactly wore out?
I know McMaster sells some basic repair stuff for theirs but I am curious as to exactly what happened. If it’s the grip jaws wearing out, I know McMaster sells replacements so I would still go for it.