**River Rage 13 has a venue change! **

FIRST’s longest running offseason event is BACK at Manchester Memorial High School! RiverRage was last held here in 2006 and it is a great place for an event with an easy trek to the pits, and lots of room for all you awesome people!

If you haven’t signed up yet, get going! www.riverrage.org

This is also the location of the 1992 event (since there was only one). Memorial is a great facility for River Rage; plenty of pit space, great gym with lots of seating, easy access and parking for teams, and great traffic flow around the building.

I can’t wait for lucky number 13!

YESSSS!!! :smiley:
<looks for like button> lol

See everyone there!

Knowing River Rage as I do it’s hard not to wonder if perhaps they should have just skipped 13 and move right along to 14? The 13th on Halloween no less! Should be an interesting show.

Good luck all!


Awww man, I loved trekking the robot up the steep ramp at Central :stuck_out_tongue: It was really fun with a jogging head start and big wheels. At least there is more space. Can’t wait!!!:slight_smile:

The Ramp is actually at West, not Central. If we had it at Central there would be elevators involved in the queuing!

All of the Manchester schools have been very generous with their support. Without them we would still be where RiverRage began, in a tent next to DEKA. We’re very excited for #13!

Hmm… I did not know that.
Sounds like a trip though!
/me wonders if anyone has pics of RR1 in said tent they could post here? :slight_smile:

I couldn’t remember, and just took a wild guess. It seems like it’s in the center of manchester so Central would fit the catagory, but then again, i’m homeschooled so what would i know about public school. :rolleyes:

Rules clarification please:

  • Each alliance will be given 60 playing balls allocated as follows: 20 balls to Team A and 20 balls to Team B.
  • Each robot can load a MAXIMUM of 10 balls, with the remaining balls divided between the two teams as they see fit for their strategy.

So the way I read this is: each team gets a “stockpile” of 20 for their HP, and the remaining twenty are either loaded into the robots (max 10 apiece) or are added to the team’s stockpiles of 20 each.

In other words, the “60” is NOT a typo, correct? The wording of this as two rules rather than one may be confusing to some (like me ;)).

In any case, many thanks! We’re looking forward to it!

60 is not a typo. Thanks for asking - more updates will come out soon!

My pre-rookie team 3125 is extremely interested in competing at this event.

Would there be anyway that we could use a teams spare robot or a team that is not competing’s robot for this event?

Is it possible to post the teams attending River Rage 13? If so thank you very much.

11 days until River Rage 13! Who’s excited? :smiley:

Btw, If anyone wants to trade a team t-shirt with me, I have a bunch of Team 237 shirts to trade!
Send me a private message, & we’ll work something out.

See everyone there!

I know i can’t wait, still debating between what costume to where, and also i am currently trying to find the perfect costumes for the drive team

One more thing, i know that the roster on the river rage website is incomplete, as our team is not listed, as are a few others i know arent listed, can we get that updated roster a few days before competition, for scouting purposes?

Thanks Dan! Your team contact will recieve a team list beforehand, and I’ll see if I can get it posted here.

Dan makes an excellent point - Don’t forget to bring your costume!!! RiverRage gives awards to the best costume and to best robot costume.

I haven’t been to a competition at Memorial since probably 1995. It was a nice venue!

Stop by Team 501’s pit to say hi!

RiverRage Team List:
20 - The Rocketeers
40 - Trinity Robotics
78 - Aquidneck Island Robotics
88 - TJ2
126 - Gael Force
131 - CHAOS
134 - Team Discovery
155 - Berlin FIRST the Techno-nuts
166 - Chop Shop
172 - Northern Force
190 - Gompei & the HERD
238 - Cruisin Crusaders
241 - Pinkerton Aacdemy’s First Robotics team
319 - Big Bad BoB
348 - Norwell Robotics
501 - West PowerKnights
509 - Redstorm BHS
663 - Robonauts
811 - BG Cardinals
839 - Rosie Robotics
1073 - The Force Team
1474 - Funk Zombies
1519 - Mechanical Mayhem
1735 - Green Reapers
3125 - Pirates of the Pythagorean

Thank You!

I have a new favorite team name. This is most excellent. I bet they will have great costumes for River Rage.

Andy B.

Man this is going to be one awesome and hard to win off-season competition with so many good teams coming.

Can’t wait for Saturday!!!