River Rage 15!

The longest running off-season event in the world!


Saturday, October 29, 2011 @ 9:00AM

At MEMORIAL High School
Manchester, NH

Halloween theme! Great food menu! Breakfast too!

Presented by Manchester High Schools
Central, Memorial, Trinity and West

Program Schedule:

Practice rounds and registration: 8:00 AM to 9:00AM
Opening ceremonies: 9:00AM sharp!
Closing ceremonies no later than 5PM.

Year-end competition before we do it all over!

Entry fee; $200.00

Make checks payable to River Rage Committee and send to Ed Forcier

For further information and to register, call, snail-mail, E-mail etc.:
Ed Forcier @ 94 Lancaster Ave, Manchester, NH 03103-6421
Phone @ 603-666-4741 or E-mail: [email protected]

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3467 will be there and we are hard at work with a few cough lofty ideas! :wink:

HELLOOoooooo ::safety::
River Rage 15 !!! This is the best time for all of the teams. Not only the oldest, but has some of the top teams every year in FIRST. Why not have it in the original arena. oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!! :yikes:
Hope to see all the great North East teams at this one…
::rtm:: MOE ::rtm::

Buzz is looking to attend. :cool:

How do I volunteer! :slight_smile:

Ditto… Andy if you guys need refs let me know on Saturday… :slight_smile:

hehe I’m on to you…

By the way, 1058 is looking forward to RR 15!

Shhhhh :wink:

Is there a Team List for this year?

From their website http://www.riverrage.org/teams.htm:

20 The Rocketeers
40 Checkmate
78 AIR Strike
88 TJ2
121 Rhode Warriors
125 Nutrons
131 C.H.A.O.S
134 Team Discovery
138 Entropy
155 Techno-Nuts
166 Chop Shop
172 Northern Force
176 Aces High
190 Gompei and The Herd
237 Black Magic
238 Cruising Crusaders
501 The Power Knights
663 Robonaunts
811 Cardinals
839 Rosie Robotics
1058 PVC Pirates
1073 The Force Team
1289 Gearheadz
1519 Mechanical Mayhem
1922 OzRam
2423 The KWARQS
2648 Infinite Loop
3323 Potential Energy

Ditto. Let me know if you need help with the control system and set up. I also have a few friends interested in volunteering on saturday.

Oh my, what a line-up. Looks a great competition! (If I could travel halfway across the country…)

Fixed! :stuck_out_tongue: My heart skipped a few beats.

This is shaping up to be a very powerful off-season competition!

Sam and Oliver, use the email in Andy’s post to get in contact about volunteering.

Sorry I missed GSR’s rookie all-stars. There really are a lot of regional winners, award winners, and teams that are just fun to watch and compete with.

Is registration still open? :ahh:

Last I heard it was not but you can try! :frowning:

I can’t believe buzz may not be coming!

That’s what I thought when I saw the list!

At least they wouldn’t be able to knock us out of a tournament for the 3rd time this season!

This looks like a pretty All-Star line up! I know I’m looking forward to it, this is sure to be a great comp!

Now that there’s more teams involved, I wonder if they’ll finally allow picking inside the top 8 at RR…

Personally, I am not a fan of picking within the top 8. I prefer a more competative playoff.