River Rage 2000

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Coach on team #246, Blue Light Special, from John D. O’Byrant High School/Boston Latin Academy and NSTAR/Boston University/UTC/Raytheon/MassPEP.

Posted on 9/9/2000 8:32 PM MST

Hey all-

Just wanted to say thanks to the Manchester teams for putting on a great competition this weekend, as always, and say congrats to everyone who participated…

I don’t remember all the results but some are (if they are wrong, i apologize!)…

- Team 95 - Lebanon Robotics
- Team 237 - Sie-H20 Bots
- Team 241 - Pinkerton Academy

- Team 130 - Osram/Hillsboro-Deering
- Team 131 - Osram/Manchester Central
- Team 88 - TJ^2

Number 1 Seed: Team 130 - Oscats
Best Gear Ratio (Quality): Team 126 - Gael Force

(not sure on these two)
Best Offensive Round - Team 95 and 190
Best Defensive Round - Team 131…and…

I’m sure the blanks will be filled in by others who know for sure… but i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put it on, congrats to all the teams for making some AWESOME matches… and I hope to see everyone at River Rage 5 next year :slight_smile:

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Other on team in limbo from in limbo sponsored by in limbo.

Posted on 9/10/2000 5:57 AM MST

In Reply to: River Rage 2000 posted by colleen on 9/9/2000 8:32 PM MST:

I want to congratulate West, Central, Memorial, and Trinity High Schools in Manchester for putting on an awsome competition. It was alot of fun and I was happy to see many of you there. Also huge thanx to Moe and the TJ² crew, FINALLY IVE GOT SOCKS!!!

Have fun,
Andy Grady

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Other on team #88, TJ², from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional and Depuy, a Johnson and Johnson Company.

Posted on 9/10/2000 3:36 PM MST

In Reply to: Moe’s Socks!!! posted by Andy Grady on 9/10/2000 5:57 AM MST:

Andy, You sure looked good in those socks!! River Rage was a great competition. I had a great time all day. Colleen and Andy did a great job on the mics. Papa John’s Pizza was very good. All the teams that were there did a tremendous job. The level of play was specatular, some of my favorite teams were there, I couldn’t think of a better way for our team to end the season and put our robot to bed for the year. Thanks to everyone for doing such a great job.

Kuli Team 88

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Coach on team #131, C.H.A.O.S.-, from Central High School and OSRAM SYLVANIA/ Fleet Bank.

Posted on 9/10/2000 5:24 PM MST

In Reply to: River Rage 2000 posted by colleen on 9/9/2000 8:32 PM MST:

The Manchester, NH teams thank all of you who came and helped…many came without their robots just to be with FIRST friends. It is great putting on one of these contests and being able to change the FIRST rules to something you like. We used the ‘you get what you get’ rule. A team’s qualifying points were based solely on the points they earned themselves.

So again thanks to the many who came to help out…all of the FIRST alumni really produced…Scott, Colleen, Scratch, Justin and others GOOD GOING.

And to the team that gave CHAOS 131 that large limit switch, we wish we knew who you were so we could thank you too.

Posted by Lewis Sussman.

Coach on team #95, Lebanon Robotics Team, from Lebanon NH HS, Hanover NH HS, Hartford VT HS and CRREL/CREARE.

Posted on 9/11/2000 10:40 AM MST

In Reply to: River Rage 2000 posted by colleen on 9/9/2000 8:32 PM MST:

What a terrific competition! There were some really hard fought matches, it was really exciting. Also, the level of sportsmanship and gracious professonalism was impressive. Needless to say, we had a great time. Our hats are off to the Manchester teams who worked tirelessly to host this competition. Also, thanks again to our allies in the finals, teams 237 and 241 - you were awesome! We look forward to seeing you in future competitions. To teams 130, 131 and 88 - thanks for a well fought round!!!

Posted by Jessica Boucher.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Student on team #237, Sie-H2O-Bots, from Watertown High School and Eastern Awning Systems & The Siemon Company.

Posted on 9/11/2000 1:17 PM MST

In Reply to: River Rage 2000 posted by colleen on 9/9/2000 8:32 PM MST:

Hi everyone!

Wow, RiverRage was great! It was worth the stuff I went through to get 30 team members up at 3AM to leave at 4:30 and arrive in Manchester by 9AM.
I’d like to thank a bunch of people, but I swear I’ll be brief:

Team 95 - Thanks for picking us as your alliance. We couldn’t have done it w/out you! All the chicks on my team agree that your robot’s soooo cute!

Team 241 - Our other alliance; You guys are great, I was in the stands, but I heard good stuff about you from our drive team. Great job!

All the RCU Members - Even though we didn’t get to have a picture taken, it was good to finally see all of you. Through RR we have acquired a decent list of new members! Thanks again!

Plus, thanks to Scratch for wearing our team’s trademark ‘floppy hat’, as ugly as it is…

…and finally…
Team 131 - Thanks again, my dears. Kristen, everyone on my team agrees that you drove beautifully. Thank you so much for encouraging me to get up the hutspah to bring my team up.

Any team who wants a copy of the video coverage of RiverRage, send me an email (we’ve got great footage!)

To boot, there will be an article in tomorrow’s local paper about RiverRage & team 237, as well as our allinces.

Our team is going to a Board of Education meeting tonite to announce our victory, and I would like to thank everyone again who made it happen, for this victory might be the thing that topples the Board of Ed over the edge and lets us build a room to build the robot in, 'cause we have nowhere to build for the '01 season.

Thanks again! I had a blast!

-Jess Boucher, Student Leader #237