River Rage 2005

Heyy everyone, hope you all are having a great summer!

Does anyone know any more specifics about River Rage? I searched the forums and all I got was a vague-ish result that it’s going to be the week after Labor Day… I’m not sure how much is available, but if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated!

well from the mouth of ed forcier…sept. 5 at MEMORIAL HIGH, not at west. im sure there will be a formal announcement soon

I believe that’s Saturday, NOVEMBER 5 according to this post…?

Ok, i guess my memory is going because i looked at my memo sheet and it clearly says NOVEMBER 5th.

Does anyone else see this as a potential to lose a lot of teams because its the same day as Ramp Riot?

as being a spectator yes… as i was looking forward to going to both =X

but yet again im just 1 lonely semi-teamless graduated firster looking for my next fix =P