River Rage

Does anyone know anything about River Rage? When is it going to be and when will it be posted?

Due to the larger field, the game will not fit in the West High gym along with the team pits. So a new Manchester venue is in the “seek Approval” mode. That would be Manchester Memorial…home of first FIRST Competition in 1992 and again in 1995. The same traditional weekend is being requested, the week after Labor Day.

Got a date yet? And I mean a true date?

FIRST Site says Oct 29th (crosses fingers & hopes it’s not that)
And CD Calendar says November 5th??

Got a update?

Per word of mouth from Ed forcier its november 5th. at Memorial.

This is what was sent out on Aug 21, 2005

(Yep, we’re doin’ it again this year for the 9th time!)

Saturday, October 29, 2005 @ 9:00AM
At MEMORIAL High School
Manchester, NH

NOTE; New venue, New date.
Also, better access, better parking, better pits!

Presented by Manchester High Schools
Central, Memorial, Trinity and West

Program Schedule:

Practice rounds and registration: 8:00 AM to 9:00AM*

Opening ceremonies: 9:00AM sharp!

Year end competition before we do it all over!

Entry fee; $200.00

Make checks payable to River Rage Committee

For further information and to register, call, snail-mail, E-mail etc.:
Ed Forcier @ 94 Lancaster Ave, Manchester, NH 03103-6421
Phone @ 603-666-4741 or E-mail: elf3@grolen.com

wowzers i should’ve remembered the updated date…since being head ref an all i should know these things!!

Still confused over here… I knew these 2 dates already.

Will the real date of River Rage please show yourself!

The date is also correctly written here on the FIRST Site.


It is October 29, 2005


he was just clarifying for elgin…

he has trouble reading… and comprehending…

Yeah… lol

No, I just have trouble comprehending when I see 2 things with 2 different dates.