RiverRage 18 - October 25, 2014

Teams 131, 238 and 501 are happy to announce:

The longest running FRC off-season event in the world
Saturday October 25th, 2014
Goffstown High School
27 Wallace Road
Goffstown, NH 03045

30 Slots Available

Registration and Information

Wear Halloween costumes! Dress up your robot!
Great food menu including breakfast!

Registration and Pits open at 7:00am.
Registration ends at 8:00am.
Opening Ceremonies at 8:30am.
Closing Ceremonies no later than 5:00pm.

$200 if paid in full BY or ON September 30th.
$225 after September 30th.

We are almost full. If you are quick you may be able to get in.

Do you have the current team list available?

Looking forward to another River Rage!

chances our 716 wont be there but, I will try to show up help out where I can.

1058 is ready for River Rage once again! Can’t wait!

Just found out that my team, 1922, is registered to compete

HELLOOOooooooo :yikes:
Yep its me, Good Luck to all of the GREAT “NORTH EAST” teams. This has always been one of the best events… RIVERRAGE!!! …{18}…
we were even at the first one out side at the fair back in the day.
You get to see old and make new friends, enjoy and have a blast…
::rtm:: MOE

Less than three weeks til River Rage! Any chance we can get a team list?

Great team list!
20, 58, 88, 125, 131, 138, 155, 166, 172, 176, 190, 238, 319, 348, 467, 501, 509, 663, 811, 839, 1058, 1073, 1289, 1474, 1517, 1519, 1735, 1922, 2648, 2876, 3467, 3499, 3566, 3585

Rule Changes:
-A Great Pumpkin (an Oranged Colored Ball) will be randomly placed on the truss in one of 5 spots. Ball is worth 50 points in autonomous and 20 points in teleop.
-an alliance must have 4 balls on the field at the start of a match and each robot must start with at least one ball.

I have a couple of questions on the rule changes. How is it even possible to score the Orange ball in autonomous without breaking any other rules? Are some rules going to go away to make it possible? Also, how does the second rule apply to goalie bots? How do they start with a ball if they want to use their goalie stick?

34 teams this year! Is that more than ever before?

Looks like an awesome team list! I know we said last year looked like one of the most competitive River Rage events but this year’s list looks more intense based on the season the teams have had! Looks like 20 Banners, 8 Finalists, and over 11 Championship invites/attendees!

It will be one heck of a competition to start winding down Aerial Assist and closing out the season for most teams. We’ll be looking forward to one last showing at 319’s inaugural event a few weeks later!

Those certainly are interesting rules.

If the ball is on the truss at the start of the match, how do you get it down and score it during auto? You can’t reach up to grab it, and if you shoot it down, it goes to the other side of the field, which you can’t grab without getting a technical foul. Any insight, or am I missing something?

There needs to be some clarification with the orange ball. I’m not sure if its 50 points for knocking it off the truss in auto (20 for teleop) or if those points are for simply scoring in the high goal. The later is extremely complex and pretty much impossible to do without breaking penalties.

Darn, we must have just missed registering on time. Oh well, 4909 will probably still attend. We have MANY new members and it’s a great experience to see what FIRST is all about!

Only a few days left!

Any word if they’ve clarified the rule changes regarding the autonomous ball on the truss?

Or clarifying about goalie bots regarding having to start touching a ball.

Another great event. Congratulations to 20, 58, & 1517 for taking home the win! Cool to see 1517 going all the way for a second year you guys are a great group. :slight_smile:

It was an interesting & stressful day for us with our robot dying/breaking down most of the time so we apologize to our partners for dropping the ball. :wink: Big thanks to Ryan Foley for finding us after we were eliminated to give us a list of areas to check for the source of our problems.

I was the last one of the OzRam team to leave and found a green jacket on our table. I took it thinking that a team member may have left it but nobody seems to have lost one.

If you left your jacket there please PM me and I will try to get it to you.

To the River Rage host teams, congratulations on yet another great event! Well run, and lots of fun!
To those that are interested in getting in that one last competition with your aerial assist robot before the 2015 season kicks off, The Battle Of the Bay has 21 robots registered. Still time to get in, but we are looking at 24 teams as a cap. You can register at www.frc319.com under the Battle Of the Bay tab.