RiverRage 18 - October 25, 2014

Does somebody have the seeds and alliances?
All I’ve heard was that 1519 was the 1 seed, there were 10 alliances, and that 20/58/1517 won the event.
I didn’t have the pleasure of attending this year, so I’d love to hear exactly what happened.

The alliances were:

  1. 1519, 348, 1058
  2. 88, 125, 1073
    1. 190, 811
  3. 172, 238, 176
  4. 20, 58, 1517
  5. 3499, 138, 3585
  6. 839, 467, 509
  7. 131, 2648, 166
  8. 155, 3467, 1289
  9. 663, 1922, 2876

You can see what’s left of the elimination bracket here but it really only shows where the alliances ended up. Our alliance played 6 matches playing no. 8, no. 1, no. 5, no. 8, no. 2, & no. 5 with our two loses being to the powerful combo of 20, 58, and 1517.

Also- does someone have a picture or video of 1519’s second robot in action?
I’m very curious how that turned out. I heard they had butterfly on their off-season bot?

They did have butterfly but unfortunately that robot had no way of holding the ball. I’ll see if I have a video of it that I can post.

I also didn’t attend RR, but the past couple months we’ve been changing our practice robot to instead use the 2015 beta control system and our first attempt at a butterfly drive.

Unfortunately we had incompletely ported over the arm/claw/launcher code into the Beta control system, so even though we had just gotten the butterfly running, it had no ball possession capabilities. As a result, it only competed in one match (replacing our competition robot, I believe). There’s a video on our facebook group of that one match, but it’s not online in any other form currently.

One of the students that worked on it or I may get a chance to post a ‘design release’ on CD in the upcoming weeks.