RiverRage #20 - October 29th 2016

RiverRage (the longest running off-season event in the world!) will be held on October 29th in Manchester, NH this year. We are expecting all kinds of cool extra activities to celebrate in addition to the competition itself.

Hosted by Teams 131, 238 and 501.

Registration here: http://riverrage.powerknights.com

$250 if payment received by September 15th, $275 after.

Questions: email elf305 at yahoo.com

RR 20 INVITATION.pdf (41.3 KB)

RR 20 INVITATION.pdf (41.3 KB)

Team 4905 is ready for our first offseason appearance in New England! Can’t wait for my first RiverRage.

14 open spots left.

Do you have a list of registered teams?

Chop Shop will be there and if you’re still doing the Halloweeen thing, you can bet we’ll be there in another group costume!

Current Team list:


9 spots open.

5089 is from California according to TBA. I’m assuming it’s a typo?

5813 is super excited to attend our first RiverRage! :smiley: The team list looks super competitive! :yikes: I can’t wait to see everyone. :wink:

I should be coming down to visit, if you see me feel free to say hi!

Cool! If I see you, I’ll be sure to do so. :wink:

1058 is excited!

Any update on any rule changes or how defenses will be selected throughout the tournament? The website is only listing the 2015 rules.

T-minus 1 week.
As of right now we plan to run static defenses for the entire event. Current layout is as follows, Low Bar, Cheval De Frise, Ramparts, Sally Port, then Rock Wall.
There will be a bonus “pumpkin” added in the last 30 seconds worth extra points.
And as always, the 1st pick for each alliance will come out of the pumpkin.


1729 is looking forward to being at RiverRage 20! Will the RiverRage website be updated to include the list of all the teams attending?

Thank you!

As usual, 2876 is excited for River Rage. We were wondering if information about facilities and layouts will be updated soon; we have a fairly large pit display and are trying to decide how much of it to bring, and that would depend on the size and shape of the pits.

Team 5813, Morpheus, is super excited to attend River Rage 20 next weekend. :slight_smile: See you all there! :smiley:

By the way, will there be any practice matches/practice area at the event?

Historically there hasn’t been and I don’t expect that to change.

Is there a schedule for RR yet? Mostly looking for start and end times and I can’t seem to find it on the website.

A packet has been sent out to team leader / team mentors who signed up with the RR staff. I think two revisions went out today. Not sure if / when it was going to be made public. From what I recall, pits open at 07:00 with opening ceremonies at 08:30. Elim matches would start at ~13:00 and awards at 16:00.

Hey all, check out the webcast! We’ve got two going, one with audio in 1080p on twitch.tv/FRCGamesense and a stream with all cameras on simultaneously but no audio at http://www.youtube.com/user/FRCTeamsGlobal/live. You can lower the quality on either of them if you have a slower connection or are on mobile, so check it out!

So much fun! Thank you everyone who worked so hard to put on this amazing event. :slight_smile: We thoroughly enjoyed RiverRage 20!