RiverRage 23 - October 26, 2019

RiverRage 23

Registration: http://riverrage.powerknights.com/register/

The date and venue for the oldest continuous FIRST FRC off-season event, RiverRage 23, is Saturday October 26, 2019 at Memorial High School in Manchester, NH.

Pits open and registration starts at 7AM, match draws at 8:15 am, opening ceremonies at 8:30AM, and closing ceremonies will begin no later than 5PM.

The “early bird” cost for registration is $225 if payment is received by September 30th (address and payee info will be in confirmation email). After that, the cost increases to $250. Payment is expected before the morning of the event. The event will be limited to the first 30 paying teams.

In addition to this, the RiverRage Committee encourages you all to like and follow the official Facebook page here.

We are planning pre-order sales of event t-shirts this year … watch for details in an upcoming announcement email.

For more information, contact Stu Lewin FRC.River.Rage@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you all at RiverRage 23.


I registered our team when the the registration page went live. I got no confirmation email. The instructions said to leave feed back on the registration page if there were problems. I did that and got no response. Finally I sent email to the address on this post. Still no response. My team would really like to know what is going on. We want to pay our registration fee and know that we are going so we can plan and budget.


Thank you for reaching out! I’ll check with the committee members who are monitoring the registration activity and we’ll get back to you asap.

I’m in the same boat as blu (although I did ask for a confirmation request email and received that, but not the follow up email from the River Rage email).

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Thanks! For any others with questions:

(1) Look in your Spam folder for the confirmation email (assuming you checked the box), that’s where they all seem to be ending up.
(2) The invoices will be sent out within the next couple of weeks.
(3) For any questions or issues, please use “FRC.River.Rage@gmail.com” but give a couple of days to get a reply.

Looking forward to a great event! KPJ

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I’ve been checking my spam folder since the very beginning. Unfortunately the confirmation dialog when you register is generic. It says “This pop-up is your confirmation…” which is nice and all, but since it doesn’t say anything about the information I entered I have no way of knowing if the info I entered was actually recorded correctly. I sent email to that address one week ago and never got a reply.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful, we really do appreciate the effort you all are doing, but there are some serious gaps in your UX process here and it is frustrating that every fall back process has similar gaps.

This thread hasn’t helped. Zuelu562 got more confirmation than I did, so I am now more worried. Could you check to see if team 151’s registration has been received? And then when the invoices start going out, post that in this thread?

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+1 for 166

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Thanks everyone for your posts - the committee is run entirely by volunteers so we’re working to address this as quickly as we can :slight_smile: All this feedback is great and will help us improve our system in future.

Here’s a list of those teams for whom we have received registration requests and invoices will go out in the next week or so - if you don’t see your team on the list and you registered please email FRC.River.Rage@gmail.com


Thanks! KPJ


Volunteer Registration for RiverRage 23 is now open. Go to http://riverrage.powerknights.com/ and click on the Volunteer tab to register to volunteer to help out at RiverRage! Thanks!!


Any news on when rule changes might be posted?


Hi - thanks for posting. We are finalizing the rule change details this week and there will be a team update going out either this weekend, I think. Thanks for your patience!


As of today, we have 31 teams registered for RiverRage 23. We would love to have 32! It’s not too late to register!

Signup today at http://riverrage.powerknights.com/

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Is there a livestream?

I missed most of the event but I’d like to be the first person from my team to thank Windham Windup (3467), Chop Shop (166) and the Cardinals (811) for being alliance partners in this terrific event. I missed most of the action due to a family commitment but if the after game conversations were any near as fun as the actual competition, everyone had a great day.

See you in a couple weeks!


It was a great competition and really fun!


Team 2262 was ecstatic to finally be able to choose an alliance again (our last time was 2016). Huge thanks to our alliance partners, Terror Bots (3623), Green Reapers (1735) and Devilbotz (2876).


Thank you to 3467 1729 and 811 for being the best alliance partners possible! This was 166’s 3rd win in our almost 26 year history.

Also thank you to 131, 238 and 501 for hosting the event!


Thanks to 78 and 509 for being awesome alliance partners. We may not have won, but we got the double climb so I’d say that was definitely worth it. Congrats to the #2 alliance! It was well fought, and I can’t wait to play with you guys again in 2 weeks.


I just realized it was our third event win too! Mostly I just love seeing all the great New England teams having a chance to play a fun game with each other. I know other areas of the world must enjoy their teams as much as I do but I know our little corner of the world best.


River Rage 23 was a lot of fun! Thank you to 131, 238, and 501 for hosting another awesome event!

I’d like to thank our alliance partners 78 and 509. It was a blast to work with you guys and get our first double climb of the season! We hope to work with you again in the future.

Also, congrats to the winning alliance of 3467, 166, 1729, and 811! You guys earned that win for sure.

I’ll just leave this picture here: