The only offseason competition that’s old enough to join it’s own FRC team…

FIRST’s Longest Running Offseason Event
**Presented by Manchester NH High Schools
Central - Memorial - Trinity - West **

Come to the Home of FIRST and dress in your Halloween best to give your robots one last try at Breakaway! Along with classic FRC awards, prizes are given to Best Dressed Team and Best Dressed Robot.

Practice rounds 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Opening ceremonies 9:00 AM sharp
Closing ceremonies not later than 5:00 PM

When: Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 9:00 AM
Where: Memorial High School - 1 Crusader Way Manchester, NH 03103
Cost: $200 Entry Fee
Registration: Make checks payable to: RIVER RAGE COMMITTEE and mail to Ed Forcier (94 Lancaster Avenue Manchester, NH 03103)
Contact: Ed Forcier
Phone: 603-666-4741
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.riverrage.org

Hey NJ Teams: I see BE and RR are not on the same date this year - I expect to see some of you there!

Way cool, hope there will be a webcast for all of us that cannot be there!

Team 190 will be there, ready to defend the Best Costume title for the fourth year in a row!

Yes please! It sounds like a great competition, I’d love to watch it.

So excited for River Rage! Jess, is there any sign up/need for volunteers? This may be the first tournament for me without a team! :o

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! P.S.: Loving the picture of our R2-D2 costume from last year haha, it’s still hanging up in our shop!

I’ll be there whether pinkerton can make it or not, is it possible for a single person to enter the best costume contest?

Haha nice. Actually I think it would be more fun if it was, they should consider that as an award!

i was very disappointed that not a single person outside of my team knew what i was last year (Repoman from Repo! The Genetic Opera)

Never heard of it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a rock opera. It’s really entertaining and gory. It usually nerdy people like FRC’ers that have seen it

Wait, I’m not a normal FRCer!:eek:

Sweet! I can’t wait to play breakaway once more! I wonder if I can give the robot a Pele costume…

Hahaha, I’m most likely just wearing my cheerleading uniform, unless our team does a theme again…

I will discuss this idea with the comittee. We are always looking for ways to make River Rage more fun!

Thanks Andy, i may have to depart a bit early, but I’ll be sure to leave my name and number so you can award me best costume :rolleyes: :smiley: //statement oozing with satirical/sarcastic ego//

Is there a list of the teams currently registered to attend?

Looking forward to this event.

If you guys are coming, that would be amazing! River Rage is the best competition of the year! :slight_smile:

we will be attending!:smiley:

We’re signed up to come too!

Trying to Help