RiverRage Teams

So who’s attending RiverRage?

Does the commitee have a list of the attending teams yet ?


The deadline for signing up is today. As of 3PM we had 15 teams…They are as follows
40 Trinity
88 Bridgewater
121 Naval Undersea
134 Pembroke
155 McGee
166 Merrimack
213 Keene
501 West

95 Lebanon
131 Central
151 Nashua
157 Assabet
190 WPI
237 Watertown Ct.
The committee had decided that if we had less than 16 Teams we would play 3 teams at a time, not 4. This should allow each team to do more different things and still have plenty of matches.

If you see any errors in my list, please email me. If anyone else wants to take part, contact our Team Organizer, (see FIRST Website…team event section)