Riveting bearings in polycarbonate. How?

I swear I saw teams that had riveted their bearings into polycarbonate instead of press fitting or at least to support the press fitting. However I cannot find anything in chief Delphi that shows how to do this. If I was not imagining it, can anyone provide guidance on how to do this. Our other suggestions for securing bearings in polycarbonate.
Thank you

Drill a triangle pattern around the bearing. Using wide dome rivets with a grip length as long as your material thickness, use the dome of the rivets to hold the flange of the bearing in place.

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^ +1. Rivet washers can help with this also.

Example: 1.125" hole for a bearing in 0.125" thick polycarb sheet, with three 0.125" diameter holes drilled around it on a 1.5" diameter circle. Three rivets and three square rivet washers hold the bearing flange in place. Rivets are installed from the side opposite the flange. The method Akash suggested (wide head rivets) works also, but this approach requires less precision when drilling the rivet holes.