RNC Speaches Now On iTunes

Hey Republican Guys and Gals, the RNC speaches are now on the iTMS for free download. But you will need to register to be able to download them.

That’s cool. I’m assuming the DNC ones are on there too then? How much do they cost?

They are both up there. They are free.

Is Bush’s worth downloading? (For comical relief only)

Bush speaks tommorrow. I’m sure he’ll be better-prepared than some of his other speeches, so it’s unlikely that you’ll get many genuine Bush-isms out of this one, unless they are tidbits taken out of context.

Hm I thought I saw him on TV last night. Must’ve been something they taped awhile ago and were showing again.

He did shortly introduce Laura Bush via satellite, that may have been what you saw.

I’ll have to download Arnold’s speech - I was surprised at how good it actually was.

Economic Girly Men :]

I downloaded it too, but his speech was much better when I watched him on TV.