Roadmap to world championships

I am from a rookie team and I was wondering if anyone could explain the different ways to get to worlds and all the competitions in between. We are a little confused about how the whole thing works.

I don’t know that much about the district model, but I can tell you about the regional model. Essentially at every regional you go to you have the chance to get to worlds via 4 ways. One of the ways is winning in an alliance. Another is Chairman’s Award. There is also the Engineering Inspiration Award. Finally there is a wild card. This is best explained with an example. If you get to finals, but the 3 teams that won already won at an earlier regional, you get a wild card. Since they already have a spot at worlds, it passes down to the next stage. I think those are the only ways to get to worlds, but somebody else correct me if I’m wrong.

So your team is listed as 7477 which means you are part of the Indiana District.

I would recommend reading section 12.8 of the game manual for a detailed explanation but the TLDR is this:

You will attend your two district events where you will accumulate points by ranking well, selecting or being selected for elims, advancing through elims and winning awards. If you accumulate enough points you will be invited to the district championship where point values are higher. By securing enough points you will then be able to register for the Championship in Detroit.

As a rookie you have 2 things helping you: an Automatic 10 points and The Rookie All Star which is an award that if you win at your Distric Event allows you to compete for it at your District Championship and winning it there auto qualifies you for Champs regardless of points

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so two district events, then district championships, then world championships?

As long as you accumulate enough points, or win the correct award, yes

One additional way in regionals, which as a rookie team they’d be able to use (if they were in regionals) but you likely aren’t able to use: Win Rookie All-Star, go to Worlds.

Because they’re in districts, RAS sends them to DCMP first.

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