Roadrunner help for rookie FTC team

Hi first time poster here. I’m on a rookie FTC team and am head programmer. I started doing some offseason stuff for autonomous and decided to try and implement something that adds a lot to autonomous. Someone suggested roadrunner for our mecanum drive. I have been working with the acmerobotics roadrunner quickstart library here is our teams code. I have completed everything for tuning and putting in drive constants. My real question is really what is roadrunner and how would I create an autonomous with it. Is it like a motor encoder odometry and does it create new paths when it goes off course or is it just like you draw a path and it would follow it. Help! Thanks

I might suggest using PathWeaver because from personal experience it is very easy to work with. It’s a simple odometer using encoders and a gyro and you can set the path for it to follow. It also has a field overlay