ROBBE XTREME - Team 56 Video

The 2010 Team 56 video:

Nice. In the first hanging video I was wondering if you were using a cable or had an arm made entirely of braided carbon nanotubes. The second clip confirmed cable.:rolleyes:

Do you have two rollers in front? One at top and one behind the ball just above the kicker, or is that just a structural piece? If it is two, does that work better?

Good Luck, see you in NJ.

The back roller is not driven, it spins freely and stops the ball from going to far into the frame of the robot.

It looks good guys. Can’t wait until Philly.


Wow guys looks great. Too bad your not coming over to the NYC regional again. Either way best of luck over in NJ and PHI. We’ll be watching and rooting you guys on. Maybe we’ll see y’all in Atlanta again.

it looks great. One question though. In the video it looks as though when it is hanging it might be touching the sides of the tower. Is this so, or is it just an odd angle?

Go Robbe! Looking forward to seeing you guys this year, great design!

Great looking bot as always. Its too bad we won’t see you at NY this year but I look forward to checking you guys out when I go to Trenton.

I was wondering why you have the pvc at the ends of your roller. Is it to stop the ball from slipping out when you turn?

They’re still ELEVATED. Recheck the definition in section 7.2.

Is the hook supposed to disengage from the lifting rod? If so, what did you do to allow that to happen? Any close up picks or anything?

Personally, I’d love to see a 56, 2016 and 2753 alliance in Trenton, NJ – I know Howard S. sure would. Go Robbe.

From what I’ve seen, there’s no way any of those 3 teams will be available to form an alliance with by the end of the first draft round. Good stuff.

What actuates the hanging arm? The spring they’re using would be really nice on my team’s robot.

  1. The PVC at the ends of the front roller keeps the ball on the roller during turns.

  2. The weight of the robot during hanging is completely supported by the cable, not the arm. The hook is designed to pivot away from the arm during hanging. Sometimes it dangles in place and other times it separates completely - both are acceptable during our hanging sequence.

Can’t wait for the NJ Regional to start.

Would be a fun alliance to say the least :slight_smile:

Do I see last years wheels on the back?

That is correct…last year’s wheels on the back help us turn our 4 wheel drive much better. Good luck to you guys in FL!..we miss that regional.