ROBBE XTREME (Team 56) - Video

Here’s a video of ROBBE during a practice session this week.

I can’t wait until we get to play for real in New York and Philadelphia.

Awesome, the path the balls take to the top is very unique, its cool to see it working. How many balls can you fit in the pre-dumping area on top? Do you have any problems with them falling out under sudden impact? Looks good!

We can fit 6 to 7 balls in the top section securely. We have put up to ten in the top, but they can be bounced out by heavy contact. The other sections of the convoluted ball mechanism can hold an additional 4 to 8 balls.

I think your hopper could be lower and thus fit more balls couldn’t it?

HELLOOoooo from the North East :smiley:
Yep OLD MOE again :wink: what a super job on the bot and also the vido. Hope you have a great 2009 with this bot… this looks like a super one, may we at TJ2 WISH OUR OLD BUDS good luck IN 2009.:yikes:
MOE and Team 88 TJ2 oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!! TYE DYE for ever…:yikes: