Robettes Web Site Getting Face Lift

We have some updated pictures from last year’s competitions, summer mini-competitions, and the build season so far…there is a lot of work left to be done, but it can be accessed here:

(use the upper gallery link, its the only 1 working)

For the front page, a small thing could be to all-caps the member positions, so you can tell the headings apart from the names better.

…ya we just put that up as filler, really all that is done (enough to view) are the photo albums, if you look at last years pages they are much nicer, but thanks for the advice :smiley:

I think the albums need some work, too… unless “Date: 12/31/1969” sounds like the correct date for testing this year’s cannon…

see my edit above…(ur right, didnt catch that thanks) That’s b/c the camera not the page…it was taken with a messed up one that doesnt give right info

how do you know our picture of our cannon wasn’t taken in 1969 . . . maybe we were just predicting the future . . .

on a serious note, i’m very sad that the page isn’t all pink anymore. but, honestly girls, way to go! its looking great! very impressive!

haha morgs…something bout you and pink…love it girls keep it up!!!