Roblu Scouting System COMPLETE

Hello everyone! I dropped a 20 minute YouTube video last time as a sneak preview for the scouting system. Luckily, this time I’m gonna keep it nice and short.
What is Roblu?
Roblu is a year-to-year scouting utility that has fully customizable forms (boolean, counters, sliders, checkboxes, choosers, stopwatch, textfields, and images), full TBA integration (events, matches & teams),a beautiful, clean, and customizable UI, and a extremely powerful syncing function that works similarly to Google Drive, scouting data is automatically synced in the background and delivered to every single scouter with little data used. If some of you would be willing to help test, you can register for a Roblu Cloud trial on the website and send feedback to [email protected] Thanks!
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Is one required to purchase/sign up for Roblu Cloud to use the Scouter app?