robnot rumble: 2015 superslam

ok squad heres the deal: we won the world championship ezpz (jk rolling wave almos beat us) so we wanna make the game more excitin. there isnt any D-fence nd nobuddy likes 2 scout. wheres the fun in that?

were MAY b makin a late off-season n want 2 c if ure interested

here r da rulez:
-we playin recycle rush
-we want evry1 2 bring ther 2015 + 2014 robots
-on each alliance theres 2 recycle rush bots nd 1 ariel assult wit 1 exersize ball
-theres the truss on top of da step
-in teleop u can throw balls acros da field (but not in da last 20 secins)
-if u throw a ball under da truss and hurt another robot that’s a big foul nd mayb a red card bcuz we r all friends at robnot rumble
-tems can keep throwin balls back n forth, so timin nd positionin is all strategy now
-free cheezykayke 4 evry1 who attends
-free corndogs but only 4 hard (t)werking mentrs

who says recyclin aint fun?

pls discuss interest nd rulez suggestions.

consider our dongers raised

Can 2015 robots load 2014 robots wit recyclin bins to laumch across teh field?
R bonus poynts awarded for nocking stax over?
Mayb 2013 robots can shoot frisbes 2?
#temStACkRAMENTO reunion match?
Pichures with Masun?

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

all aboard the hype train

dont mess wit texes

cn we get anuthr tem 2 driv3 a totbot nd do epik trix off teh othr tems’ tethrd ramps 4 big bonus points?

Wil thr b a robnot rumble north n Flo-rida? May b a robnot rumble south n Canandia?

2468 is down r u reddy to be unappreci8ed


We are ready for this challenge with our 2014 bot



Do you accept high resolution photos of noodles as registration fee?


what happens for either rookies without a 2014 bot or the hypothetical scenario where you 2014 bot is no longer an Ariel assist bot?

Cheesecake for everyone. In this case a 2014 bot to borrow for the match.

Team 5021: Greyfingergear is possibly interested.

would having spaghetti falling out of your pockets everywhere be GP

only if its ur moms spaghetti and ur palms r swety

still betr than recyl rush, but need mor G40 an tek fouls (RIP tek fouls 2012-2014)

900 is totally down for these rules. Our robot from 2014 can assault some stacks. The havoc that this could cause would be awesome! We love it!

Would floresent tape be added to recyclin bins for 900 to targit?

I was going to go to Europe this summer, but this sounds way more fun!

No need anymore. Now that we have our new vision code that doesn’t rely on pesky tape.

EDIT: Seriously love these rules. I want to play Angry Birds with robots and smash some piggy tote castles.

Hands down the best post I’ve read