Robo Basho(TM) - Earn Easy Holiday Money

To anyone in the Chicago area between December 24 and January 8,

As some of you know Joe Johnson (aka Dr. Joe, Joe J.) and I have been working on a project to bring robots to the arcade industry. We are having a game trial at the City North 14 Theatre in Chicago, IL.

The game is robotic sumo wrestling. The arcade will autonomously drive robots that are not driven by players. There is a 30 second practice round, to get practice driving your robot. Now the matches begin. You have arms to lift and flip opponents. The object is to knock your opponents off the playing field. The game is over once you have lost your 3 lives.

Players can join the game anytime there is an open robot.

What we need is someone looking for a job between December 24 and January 8. The job entails checking on the game frequently during the day. If there is a problem with the game, it is usually very easy to fix and we would train you.

The hours the theater is open:
Mon 11AM-11PM
Tue 12PM-11PM
Wed 12PM-11PM
Thu 12PM-11PM
Fri 12PM-11PM
Sat 10AM-11PM
Sun 10AM-11PM

Sunday Dec. 24, the theater is open from 12PM - 5PM.
Monday Dec. 25, the theater is open from 12PM - 11PM.
Tuesday Dec. 26, the theater will open at 10AM instead of noon.

We will pay $8/hour. We are looking for a person or up to a few people to cover these hours. If you or you and your friends want to get together and earn a few bucks, this is a good opportunity.

The location is the City North 14 Theater. It is located at 2600 N. Western Ave, Chicago IL 60647.

Here is a google map of the location.,+chicago&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=17&ll=41.929302,-87.688923&spn=0.005132,0.013561&t=h&iwloc=addr

Here is a picture of the location that I found on Flickr

Here is a bloggish type thingie about City North 14

Please email me at [email protected] or call me at (313)550-9067 if you are interested. Joe can be reached at (248)459-1571.

Mike C.

This is very easy money.

At the last trial in the Detroit area I had two students working for Joe. They needed very little training and had a lot of fun as well as earned some cash.

If this was in in the Detroit/Pontiac/Auburn Hills area they would work again.

Sounds fun, and you make money! To bad its not near Virginia.

Indeed it is. I was one of the students that did this. I enjoyed myself, it was fun. This is easy work and not very hard to learn. I would encourage anyone to help out if they could, it is a great oppurtunity. You might learn something new, you never know.:slight_smile:

This sounds awesome, sucks being in California =p.

Hope you guys have fun.

I heard from Mike C. / Joe and they are still looking for some help

Please email them at [email protected] or call them at (313)550-9067 if you are interested. Joe can be reached at (248)459-1571.