Robo Damage after this years competition

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We got rammed into the cargo ship by a defender. Fortunately we brought spares.


Not defense damage but we did manage to nail our RSL pretty bad in semis on Roebling. I still have no idea how exactly we managed to smash the PCB…

Slightly off topic since (thankfully) we didn’t suffer significant damage from this, but here’s a pretty good illustration of what we (548 in blue) faced from defense. Ha

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Did you use Loctite or some other chemical which made the plastic brittle?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a sharp impact to the motor like into the corner of the cargo ship. We broke several bag motor vp mount plates last year when our intake motors got slammed into the top of the portal.

Not you guys. Your defense was great though, and congrats on winning the division!

We don’t use loctite with VP gearboxes as a rule.

The damage was seen after a defending robot entered our frame perimeter onto our front right swerve, and when they exited they took the motor with them. We ended up swapping the whole module for one of our spares, took about 15 minutes.

You broke an RSL! How? We crashed a chunk of bot into it and broke our bot!

Did the polycarb tube break due to impact from defense, or was there something else that caused it? I was looking at getting some to prototype intakes with in the offseason, but this is making me reconsider.

2655’s robot is just that tough

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That tubing broken after aggressive and repeated defensive hits. I suspect that if it were made of aluminum it would have broken long before then. We directly replaced it with no changes and it was fine for all of NEDCMP.

Why doesn’t our arm VersaPlanetary move?

Oh, the sun gear is stripped. Where did the teeth go?



The practice robot is a different story. No pictures, but two of the brackets holding the elevator on are sheared straight off, the nitrile wheels pretty much disintegrated, one of the hatch grabbing fingers is bent like 40°, the whole arm leans like 10°, that one pulley was completely mangled, etc etc etc.

Did you get pictures of the damage from when we ran the intake into the arm that one time?


We played some stiff defense at Connecticut State Champs this weekend, and our front frame brace took most of it:

In addition; we broke the elevator, damaged the intake/climb arm gearbox, and haphazardly secured everything inside the frame perimeter. Time to rebuild :grin:

For Reference, the bot pre-bag:

Mount Vernon:
Nothing really worked like it should, so when 2910 and 2930 picked us the obvious choice was to go play defense through elims, beating 5803/1983, but not without some heavy damage.

Right after F2:

Everything short of the elevator was stripped off after our win at MV so we could start designing better mechanisms for our next event.

After Vernon, our 2nd district event goes off without much issue after making a few necessary changes to the bot.

DIstrict Champs
Finished 42nd due to lack of climber, but got picked by the 5th alliance. We would go score a couple gamepieces then do defense the rest of the match. We were able to beat the #4 alliance, but we just couldnt squeak out a win against 2910/2046, no matter how much we beat on them.


Not much of a picture, but one of my members was doing a systems check before tuning auto and I just got this message:


I can fairly reliably bend those back to straight when needed, just takes patience and a good eye. They will never be 100%, but they will go back to working.


Let me venture a guess. 10:1?

Those are bombs just waiting for the worst possible time to detonate.


Nope, that’s a 7:1.

Don’t ask. I’ve seen enough of those for a lifetime of FRC students.


Yup, it was a 7:1