Robo Gangnam Style

Accepting the risk of being blasted ten pages back due to the new game-related threads, I’ll put this out there…

Here’s our (The RoboBees, FRC 836) take on Gangnam Style. It was a blast to make and everyone had a great time. I hope you all enjoy it!, alternate:

See if you can count all the intentional “bloopers” :slight_smile:

Well its about time FRC

Haha, nice. You guys had a really nice robot last year. Also, I heard you guys are setting up a field if any DC teams were interested? Our team was thinking about it.

dellagd took the words right out of my mouth. Especially liked how you guys did the PSY/robot love scene (the one “slow” motion).

Thanks for the compliments on the robot! We’ll be back this year too :slight_smile:

Get in contact with me by PM or send an email to [email protected]. We’ll try to help out however we can, even with other build-related questions such as: design, strategy, programming, media production, and more.

Thanks! It took a lot of shooting over a month and a half, so we’re glad it’s getting a good reception :slight_smile:

This is great!!!:smiley:

One thing: would you mind making it available on mobile devices? Please, and thank you.


The mobile device issue is beyond our control. It is a UMG issue on YouTube. :frowning: