Robo has comms but dashboard has no communications

Our DS has all green indicators toward Robo but Dashboard has no comm(NT connections off). Tried firewall, antivirus, resetting Robo, DS, dashboard. Tried the default dashboard and it has no comms.

Any suggestions?

Just to confirm, the driver station is fine, the dashboard is not getting any network tables data? The robot drives, or at least enables? Did this ever work (and then stop working)? What programming language are you using?

This article might be a good starting point.

Driver station has 3 greens, dashboard variables tab all black diamonds, robot drives no problems. We are using variables from dashboard to set shooter motor rates and they are 0 as there is no dashboard comms. Joystick works fine.

Two theories come to mind – some kind of weird software issue on the robot, perhaps in how things are initialized or, some kind of weird networking issue that is only cutting off this traffic.

If you use C++ or Java, it would be good to compare init code with these examples. If you use LabVIEW or Python, I’d search for a simple NT example as well, just to sanity check things. Given the things you’ve tried, a networking issue seems unlikely, but you might try with a direct Ethernet connection between the DS laptop and the roboRIO, just to take the radio out of the picture.

Is the dashboard configured with the correct team number / IP?

Starlight - I assume you mean is the Driver Station configured with team number - yes it is.

nuttle - we are using Labview. We have been using USB for connection. We’ll try direct ethernet.

NT data isn’t passed over USB, so if you’re using USB then that is the expected behavior. I believe that’s the issue. The laptop has access to NT only when connected via Ethernet or WiFi.

Secondly, I meant the Dashboard - the dashboards need to be configured with the Team number (or IP, derived from team number) so that they connect properly to NT. It might be automatic when the dashboard is launched through the DriverStation, but that configuration happens.

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This is incorrect, NT should work just fine over the USB tether (the USB is exposed as a network interface). The DS connects using IP over the USB tether, and NT uses IP to connect as well.

OP–is this the LabView dashboard?


Yes, we have modified the Labview Dashboard.

We had the same issue last night using the default dashboard. Make sure that the dashboard is updated to 2021. We had one laptop/driver station that still had the 2020 Driver Station/Game Tools and we couldn’t get the NT Connection. Installing the updated 2021 Driver Station fixed it. Good luck.

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