Robo-One Biped Robots

I was in a workshop this week, and we were watching these amazing videos from Japan. They are doing this really cool competion called “Robo-One” that is unreal. These robots walk up stairs, “fight” doing human moves… it is really cool. I was just wondering if any one on here has heard anything about it. You can see the videos at (although the site is Japanese, you can still get to the videos).

Let me know what you think.

Nathan Pell
University High School

Ive tried building a biped robot before, needless to say, without the right materials, its a little bit on the difficult side :smiley:

Yeah, I can’t beleive what these buiders have accomplished. These robots are just amazing. You should check out some of the videos.

Nathan Pell

oh yeah. these people are just crazy. see how small they are. something like ASIMO might look possible with a couple billion but these youd need some skill. i guess makeing them small and light allows them to use servos for everything too. simplicity is best

God darn it. There used to be an open source bipedal robot. Unfortunately the website is gone.

Now if only we could do this in FIRST and at a larger scale…

I found out that Battlebots is going to thins in about 3 or 4 years. It won’t be the “bashem” stuff they are doing now. Just some food for thought.

Nathan Pell