Robo-Prom 2009

Greetings to all teams from team 399,

We have qualified for Atlanta, and would love to put on another Robo-Prom. However, this year we qualified a lot closer to atlanta than we usually do, and it seems all of the hotels (Hyatt, Hilton, Marquis, Omni is calling us back shortly) have their rooms booked for Thursday night. Interesting? But eh. We’re also looking in to Friday night, and some other places with “meeting” rooms.

So. We’d just like to get a general consensus from everyone else, how much is everyone willing to pay? Last year it was 10$ advance and 15$ at the door. If those prices, say, doubled, would everyone be still willing to come? Last year we had about 200 people, and with all the hype already surrounding it, we’re pushing for a room for 300-400 people this year.

We’re working hard to get one thrown together, but if nothing else, we should just go dancing in the lobby of a random hotel. Or in the streets. Sounds pretty dang sweet to me.

I’ll update with more details as we have them. See you all in a few weeks. ;p

I’d do it for $20 but $10 would be preferable.

I’ve never been able to attend one (either team rules or, not staying in the city) and I’ve really wanted to go.

Good luck, if you need any help I might be able to assist. (Pictures anyone?)

I really wouldn’t pay more than $20 for it (and it sucks that it would be on Friday… scouting metting better take all of 10 minutes :/), but I wouldn’t mind a $20 fee, it’s well worth it.

Some of 1511 will be able to attend. Usually we do alliance selections friday night which usually take a while. I will not be able to show on friday :frowning:

We promise it won’t be over $20! And it is looking like it will be on Thursday night after all. We should have full details up by tomorrow, so look for a post from myself or Brad Voracek.

im definitely in… im willing to pay up to $20… I had a blast last year and really enjoyed the party you guys put on. I honestly think this could become a FIRST Championship yearly tradition.

can we do a mentor’s party afterwords? (im just kidding, but that would be cool)

I’d be willing to do it, but I don’t know how many others on my team would be willing for $20.

It was a blast last year and you guys put on a great party; hopefully you’ll be able to figure something out this year!

I’m sure my team would be willing to pay, a few of my teammates have been talking my ear off about how much they want to go!

I hope this works out, I’ve never been to Robo-Prom and I’d love to go! :slight_smile:

I’d be down to go even if it was like $30. I’ll even drag my Roomie with me.

Tentatively, it’s at the Omni on thursday night. Price isn’t final yet, but the people at the omni are being really nice. =) once we get a quote from our DJ, like Emma said we’ll post final details and allow people to preregister.

Nice to hear people are excited!

Hey again Brad! You mind explaining what this RoboProm thing is? It must be fun, judging by what people are saying, but I still have no clue what it is

Haha, I suppose I should have said something in the first post, I kind of just assumed people knew. =p

It started two years ago, when our schools prom coincided with Atlanta. Our seniors on the team couldn’t really handle missing prom, so we decided to just throw our own. Not as formal, but twice as fun.

We basically just rent out a room for a night, get a DJ, some punch, get hundreds of robotics kids together, and dance/mingle for the night. It’s been a blast the past two years, hope you guys can make it!

Team 692 is definitely in!! They keep asking if we are going again (we had a blast last year!), so I am glad to see that it is happening again!

The Space Cookies are interested in coming.
Probably around 15 girls.
We’d be willing to pay $20-25 but probably not much more…
COOL! Thanks for organizing:)

Seconded. There’s a number of us on 1676 who are interested, and have never been…$20 sounds reasonable. Now time to convince the coach to let us go and wait for the details. When will we need to know exact #'s?

What we’ve done in the past is just you can preorder tickets for some price, then when you show up in atlanta we’ll deliver/you pick up the tickets for that price (we’ll have a list of everyone who ordered before hand). Then we’ll also sell tickets at the door (for a slightly higher price), so if someone decides to go last minute, they can always get in then.

So in short, just have a general idea sometime before Atlanta and you’re good to go!

On another note, sounds like two all girl teams coming so far. We should work on getting them a discount or something. :rolleyes:

Sounds like a lot of fun! I think I’ll try and get my team there, but I can’t make any guarantees. We’re working hard just to get the money to get out there, but I’ll definitely bring this up with my coach.

Also, love the idea of discounting all girls teams. Basic club economics right? :wink:

Due to team issues I wasn’t able to do it last year. can someone e-mail me some information?

Is it a formal attire thing or is it just a bunch of people go to a hotel and dance?

Everybody from 1712 is super pumped!!! None of us have ever been but we love dancing! :smiley:

Will final details be posted in this thread?

People come in jeans and a t-shirt, or in semi-formal attire! So anything goes.

Ideally though it would be semi-formal, with girls in cocktail dresses and guys in slacks and collard shirts.