Robo-Rio connection issues

Hello, we are able to connect to our robot via Ethernet directly into the PC, but we are having issues with connecting to our robot wirelessly. We believe that we have all of the correct updates for the 2017 software, and we have successfully configured our router (we had managed to connect to it once, however it disconnected after plugging in a joystick and we haven’t been able to access it since). We have our ips set to the correct addresses, and the driver station sees the roboRIO and we are starting to believe that it’s an issue with the roboRIO itself. Have any of you ran into similar connection issues with your roboRIO and solved them, and if so what methods did you use for troubleshooting?

Team 3597 Programmers

EDIT: this picture might help:


Hey we figured it out, rebooting the computer seemed to work, it must have flushed out the IPs that were cached from switching around connections so much.