Robo Rio Repair

Does anyone know if the Robo Rios can be sent back to National Instruments to be repaired? We have two that have a broken connector which makes them basically useless. We would like to get these repaired if possible.

Thanks for the feedback.

Here is a replacement power connector for only three dollars on AndyMark

If it is a PWM, DIO, or MXP pin that is broken, I would assume you just have to use another.

If the CAN connector is broken, I’d contact NI about it.

Here is the NI site for FIRST. The people there are very willing to help. I encourage you to reach out to them.

NI does repair broken roboRIOs. Depending on how it’s broken, how long you’ve had it, etc the repair may or may not cost money. If it’s just a broken connector, chances are they can repair it relatively quickly and cheaply. You should definitely reach out to them to get an appraisal.

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Also a general recommendation for situations like this, reach out to them first, before trying to open the box. It’ll be much easier to have the discussion about what broke from normal usage, versus what may have been damaged by your chassis intrusion.

NI has taken a non-functional RIO of ours and given us a rebuilt one in exchange. The rebuilt unit is still going strong. I’m pretty sure they charged us nothing to do it.

I heard a story from a team… someone accidentally drilled right through their RoboRIO (I saw pictures!) during the season a few years back. NI took it back and gave them a replacement with no hassle. Definitely contact them if you have any problems.


NI also recently replaced two of our RoboRIOs with rebuilt ones for free. Free shipping for both the replacements and the returns. They actually ship to/from AndyMark.

Thanks for the responses everyone. It’s greatly appreciated.