RoboActive #2096 2020 Robot Reveal - Neil

RoboActive #2096 proud to present our 2020 robot - Neil! :rocket:

Neil was supposed to compete in ISR district 3 after winning district 1, it has gone through some changes and improvement since then. Let us know what you think!


That intake/hopper is a work of art! I love the dual-purpose action of direct feeding from the feeder station and acting as an intake. It reminds me of a couple of Einstein-level 2017 robots.

The serializer that’s just two spinning disks on the floor is great, too. I love that it doesn’t look like there’s any room for pinch points in it, so you can avoid a lot of the jamming issues that were causing teams so much difficulty this year.

Great work, A++. I hope to watch it compete in 2021!


Great work! You truly deserved your win in district 1! I couldn’t take my eyes off your bot when it was on the field :smiley:

Kol haKavod :stuck_out_tongue:


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