RoboBee (Parody of Firework)

About 2 weeks ago, Mandy, FRC Team 836’s current president, wrote, recorded, and created a music video for a parody of Katy Perry’s “Firework”, entitled “RoboBee”. It’s a beautiful song. You can find the music video she created here:

Now, this past weekend was the Duel on The Delaware, in NJ, hosted by FRC 365 (MOE!) and FRC 316 (the LuNaTecs). They played the song twice during the tournament, and the team was pumped about it. Before the final match, I asked the announcer to cal Mandy up and have her perform “RoboBee” for us. It was amazing, and the video doesn’t quite do it justice, but can e found here:

I thought both videos were worth sharing, even if you aren’t an official RoboBee.

Sarah - thanks for posting this. It was a great moment on Saturday!

Mandy - great voice and great song! Thanks for sharing with our Duel crowd! Also, thanks for leading “Happy Birthday” for our MOE birthday girl, Clare.

This is wayyyyy better than the original FIRST rap. Good Job!

Better then the original in every way. Really inspirational lyrics. Thanks to Mandy for taking the time and effort to do something this special.


Thanks everyone! If anyone would like the sound or video file, let me know! We’re more than happy to spread the message of FIRST to anyone and everyone.