Robobuilder 2022

Basic Question: What is the status of Robobuilder these days. Has it been updated lately. Seems like the code generated is deprecated. I was wondering is there an organization that is supporting this application.

Background: See the WPI Lib at RobotBuilder — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation (

Robotbuilder is supported by WPILib. However, it’s primarily in maintenance mode.

The use of deprecated methods was tracked here: RobotBuilder has been updated so that the 2022 version will use the new PID Controller and won’t generate deprecated code.

The changes are available for testing by teams that have applied to the 2022 open beta.

Because of the timeline for when documentation gets locked down, not all of the Robotbuilder 2021 changes are in the stable branch of the documentation. You can however find them in the latest branch: RobotBuilder — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation. However, realize that latest includes 2022 stuff that isn’t available except to beta teams.

You can always file issues at There are a number of issues marked help wanted, in case you wanted to contribute!


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