RoboCode Podcast Episode #004 - FRC SCOUTING!

Good Evening Everyone,

I have published the 4th Episode of the RoboCode Podcast and you can access the episode with the URL listed below. I want to again thank all of the volunteers for this week and for sharing your thoughts and ideas about scouting. Please help me spread the word about the podcast and if you know anyone else that would like to be interviewed please have them contact me. Thank you once again and have a great season!

Pete Eckman

Thanks again for having me on, and I hope my presence were as insightful as it was in my head.


I enjoyed having you on the podcast and also the content you brought with you!

Great podcast, I found it to be very interesting that one of the users said they do record their matches.

This question is for all - how do you store your videos? What is your setup that allows you to record all the matches? Did you stream the video to your laptop and use that to record the matches?

You can store a surprising amount of videos between a pair of 8gb+ memory cards, an external reader, and a laptop.