RoboDawG Truck and Trailer stolen from Toronto Area

Good Evening Chief Delphi. I have some news that I regret having to report on behalf of my former team.

Team 216, 244, and 288 the RoboDawGs of Grandville Michigan have had one of their trucks and trailers stolen out of the hotel parking lot this afternoon.

The Truck is a 2005 Chevy Silverado crew cab [diesel] that is Red in colour. It has a RoboDawG decal on the back window. The Trailer is black that says “AB Rental” along the bottom. License plates on the truck and trailer are both Michigan License plates.

Inside the Trailer, we have 50 or so kid’s worth of luggage, some robot bits and the official drive stations. We were in [Oshawa] Toronto when it got stolen at about 4:30 local time.

The local police have been notified about the Truck and Trailer being stolen, but if anyone in the area could keep an eye out and contact me about any information, that would be wonderful. My Father appreciates it, as well as the teams.

My Email to contact me at would be , a personal message on Chief Delphi would work as well, but may not be checked as soon.

On behalf of Grandville’s teams, we thank you for being a wonderful community that can have each other’s backs in time of need, and look forward to finding the truck and trailer.

~Abby “RoboDawg” Wilson

This is just plain awful. I really really really hope it turns up. Were your robots in there too?


No, our 3 robots were in another trailer on another truck, as well as all 3 pit sets I believe. Its awful that someone would do this, but I hope that making people aware of the situation may lend a hand in finding them.

This is awful… :frowning:

There are a number of former 188 guys I know in the area, and have let them know to keep an eye open…

Were there any essential robot parts in the trailer that you need to pass inspection/compete (batteries, bumpers etc)?

Again, as far as I am aware, no, all of that was in the other trailer. The trailers have some heavy duty locks on them as well, so I hope that that keeps what is in there, in there.

I just want to send a huge thank you to everybody has helped us, and I would like to relieve you. While the truck and trailer are still not found, I received word just a few minutes ago that a team stepped up and donated everything that we need to compete. Computers, driver stations, parts, tools, etc. Thank you all for your huge support, and what a great showing of gracious professionalism!

This is just awful! I know this also happened to a team out in CA within the last year. So sorry for your loss.

I suggest you contact the local media (both print and TV) so they can spread the word to be on the lookout for the trailer. I think they might be interested in covering such a story. Worth a try!

Also, when we heard about the theft in CA, our team did 2 things:

-Got a really good hitch lock.

-Bought insurance to cover trailer contents.

I have passed along the message to everyone i know in the area.

Best of luck getting it back!

Thank you so much. The more eyes looking out the higher the chance of finding it. Another thank you to all the teams and people who are helping out!

Even in the worst times, I get a reminder of just how wonderful my big FIRST family is.

If some of your team members need some clothes to borrow for the tournament, Team 1325 would be happy to provide some.
If there is anything else you need feel free to ask :).
Best wishes from 1325!

Passed it along to a couple friends at UOIT. I hope you can track it down.

*I know the horse is already out of the barn, but for all teams reading this, there is some good advice about securing trailers to be found here:

Unfortunately we rent our trailers, so we cant put easily identifiable logos on the side as we don’t own them…

You linked to my post so I assume you were commenting on the link I provided there.

The suggestions in that thread go way beyond putting logos on the trailer. There are effective security measures that can be taken with rented trailers.

Again, I realize this is too late to help you, and my blood boils when I think about people stealing trailers they know contain the property of teams of high-schoolers.

But maybe this could help avoid heartbreak for other teams in the future.

Well this is lame, which part of Oshawa was it exactly? I will alert my friends who go to UOIT to keep an eye out for it I’ll also post this on my teams facebook page!

You can put magnets on it. Won’t be nearly as big as they have been talking about, but you can get them fairly large.

Yes, and thank you so much for the link! I agree, whomever finds it alright to steal, let alone from a high school robotics team, needs a lesson. As horrible as this all is, we hope to perform our best at one of our favourite competitions.

Also, Suj, I am not sure which part of Oshawa they are in. Thank you so much for forwarding the message!

Absolutely! The RoboDawGs have full support from Team 1325.

Anything that you need to borrow from us is yours and we will happily help out in any way we can.

Good Luck

Next time you may want to try to put a boot on the trailer.