RoboFest 7 - Milwaukee, WI

This is kind of short notice, but better late than never!

RoboFest 7 is happening again in conjunction with the Milwaukee Maker Faire at the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds in the Exhibition Hall on Saturday, September 23. Cost will be $300 per robot (you can register multiple robots if you would like!) with a $50 discount if you also participate on Sunday September 24th for demonstration day.

RoboFest 7 Registration can be found at the following link:

Registration will close on Tuesday, September 19th. You will be provided with an invoice after registering. At the conclusion of registration, you will also be directed to register with Maker Faire. Please indicate you are part of RoboFest, but this will ensure you have full access to the faire.

We again will have early load in from 7:30pm - 8:30pm on Friday, September 22nd. Please let me know before September 20th if you will be loading in on Friday.

Saturday teams will have access at 7:30. Maker Faire hours are slightly different this year - 10:00 - 7:00. The TENTATIVE RoboFest schedule is as follows:

7:30 - doors open for teams and volunteers
8:00 - on field calibration
8:30 - field connection / practice (if possible)
9:30 - opening
9:45 - qualifying begins
10:00 - Maker Faire Opens
3:00 - alliance selections
3:30 - eliminations
5:30 - Awards
5:45 - grudge matches
7:00 - Maker Faire Closes

Because of the adjusted Maker Faire hours this year, we plan to start qualifying before the Faire opens so that we can still end at a reasonable time, but we are committed to having a functional boothe until the Faire closes at 7:00, so the field will be available first-come first-served for grudge matches, new drivers, exhibition, speed runs, etc. after the conclusion of the tournament until 7:00. Please stay and play if you are able to! The exact schedule will be determined once we have a final team count. We are aiming for 6 qualifying matches per team and everyone will play in eliminations, which means the match cycle will be relatively relaxed, giving you plenty of time to make repairs between matches, which is important since you will be in 2 out of 3 matches typically (again, depends on how many teams we get).

Due to space constraints this year, it is possible you will not have power in your pit. We will do our best to make sure you have power, but if you don’t, a nearby (within the RoboFest Zone) and secured area will be provided where you can charge batteries, tools, laptops, etc.

Also, seating will be a little bit tighter than usual this year. While we love to see your full team support, please try to keep the seating areas available for the general public who typically stop by, watch a match, and then go on to another exhibit. Engage with them, tell them all about FIRST, recruit them! This event is very different from a typical FIRST event but it affords us unusual opportunities to engage with the public and get them hooked.

Finally, Sunday September 24th will be a demonstration day. If you are able to participate on Sunday, your team will receive a $50 discount on registration. Usually we are very light on teams for Sunday, so even if you can only stay for a couple of hours, we would really appreciate it. FLL and FTC teams are welcome both days and we will have space for them as well!

Please let me know immediately if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Kevin Kolodziej and FRC1675: The Ultimate Protection Squad

Wave is excited to come down and play again at Robofest this year! We hope our robot will be back in time from China in time, but as a just in case we are working on a new robot with our practice drive train from last year.

Fondy Fire will also be there.

Ironically I may miss Robofest myself because of a trip to China. If I see a rogue Wave robot there I’ll try to bring it back with me.