RoboJackets 3538 - 2019 Mid-Season Review


RoboJackets 2019: Mid-Season Recap

Team 3538 is proud to present its 2019 robot, Skyhook, with a mid-season recap video, featuring highlights from the Southfield, Gull Lake, and Alpena 2 district competitions! Thanks go out to the students, mentors, sponsors, and parents that have worked hard to make the start of our season successful!



Excellent video, even better robot.

I was wondering if you would include your amazing after-buzzer climb from Alpena #2, and I’m glad to see that you did.



You guys were amazing alliance partners last year and it’s been really fun to watch all of your successes this year! I can’t wait to see how you do at MSC and I really hope to be in the same division as you at Champs! Great video for a great season. Congrats 3538!

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Interesting Cargo collector, the cargo stays nestled safely. Its working better than I thought. Kudos to your drive team who stays focus on efficiently scoring. I guess competing in OCCRA does help in drive practice. (OCCRA is local competition in MI, robots are built by students and best part is no bumpers, its full contact sport).

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Thank you! I knew I had to fit that moment in, regardless of how much time I had left :slight_smile:



I think practicing driving in OCCRA can help driving in FRC the same way that practicing drawing with a chunk of coal can help drawing with a pencil. Practice with something that’s rougher and more difficult to control will lead to better results when the transition is made to finer, more precise instruments.