RoboJackets 3538 - 2019 SW Visualize Robot Renders

To test SolidWorks Visualize’s capabilities I made a few renders of 3538’s 2019 robot, Skyhook.

This first render was inspired by some Tesla vehicle graphics I’ve seen highlighting their powertrain systems. I personally like it because it highlights the spacial positioning of a system while still providing context for where it really is in the robot.

This second render was trying to achieve photorealism. I think it was getting close but I was unable to tinker with it as much as I wanted because the Visualize app would become unstable (even on my relatively beefy computer).

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the capabilities Visualize provides against its competition software like Keyshot. It keeps the overall workflow from CAD to final render pretty simple, which does hurt the overall capabilities of the software, but also speeds up the process. I’m happy SolidWorks offers it as part of its educational sponsorship and am looking forward to using it in the future.


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