ROBOlympics 2006

Location: San Francisco, CA
Where: Ft. Mason, Festival Pavilion
Competition Dates: 6/15/2006 through 6/18/2006

Cost: $20, $15/kids 7-17
Free for kids 0-5 and active-duty military

The third annual International ROBOlympics invites you to join thousands of robots from around the planet. ComBots and The Robotics Society of America (RSA) invite you to the largest robot show in the world.

All major robot competitions will all held over the 3-day event. Last years event included teams from 13 countries - this year we want 20 countries!

This international unified competition will include: Robot Soccer, Robo-One walking robots, Combat Robots (just like TV), Robot Triathlon, Ribbon Climber, Maze Solving, Ant Weight Combat, Robot Sumo, Hexapod Challenge, Biped Race, The Line Slalom, Lego Mindstorms Challenge, BEAM Competition, Aibo Performer, Best Of Show, and many others!

I’ll be there with a lightweight and maybe one or two other robots for the combat competition.

All currently registered robots are listed here

Come see it in person, it’s a very memorable experience.

Bumped because the competition is about a month away

Here’s my lightweight entry in progress-](

11lb steel bar vs. watermellon

The resulting mess

A slight resemblance to Hazard. Only decent pic I could find quickly
Not saying Hazard was the only other to have a design like that I am stating they were probably the most famous. Dang, I just realized how old Hazard is, am I old?

Nah, not old. I saw hazard lose to T-minus at battlebots 5 I think.

on a seperate note-

Hazard isn’t the inspiration for Ruiner, a robot named 2EZ is. 2ez and ruiner share the angled bar weapon, the low, compact chassis, as well as weapon gearbox(though mine is set at a different angle), and brand of motor

RoboGames is…


Not too much frantic work. Mostly working on stuff to make the even easier(small bot cart, modding the weapon motor for more durability, building a charger box, etc…)

Come one, come all, watch things explode in strange new ways!

RoboGames looks like it’s going to be tons of fun. I just packed up my hobbyweight Goose last night and my flight to SF leaves in about 7 hours.

I’ve never been to RoboGames before or competed in combat robotics, it’ll be a blast. People should definitely come check it out!

For a rookie robot, I’m really happy with ruiners performance.

Ruiner went 1-2 at RoboGames, knocking Whack!! out by turning it off, then losing to pitbull when it got high centered and the antennea was cut off. I didn’t have a spare rx or the parts to make a new tail, so Ruiner was out at that point.

Things to change-
Increase ground clearance. (going to remake the baseplate, milling out the area for the drive motors to drop them, and going to countersink every bolt)

New radio system. Reception problems kept ruiner from being as good as it could be. Switching to the spektrum 6 channel radio for next year

Support the rear of the magmotor. Redesigning the chassis to allow a rear support plate and to move the rear wheel inside the chassis.
Front of whack damage
Side damage
Side damage
Broken magmotor