Robolympics/RoboGames 2007

It’s around the time people start making plans for summer, at least for some people, so I decided it’s as good a time as any to bring this up.


The fourth annual International ROBOlympics invites you to join thousands of robots from around the planet. ComBots and The Robotics Society of America (RSA) invite you to the largest robot show in the world.

All major robot competitions will all held over the 4-day event. Last years event included teams from 20 countries - this year we want 50 countries!


Soccer: Wed, Jun 13, 2007: 10am-10pm
Combat: Wed-Thur, Jun 13-14, 2007: 10am-10pm
Others: Thur-Fri, Jun 14-15, 2007: 10am-12pm, Sat 7am-10am

FIRA Soccer: Thur-Sun, Jun 14-17, 2007
Combat: Fri-Sun, Jun 15-17, 2007
Al Others: Sat-Sun, Jun 16-17, 2007

This international unified competition will include: Robot Soccer, Robo-One walking robots, Combat Robots (just like TV), Robot Triathlon, Ribbon Climber, Maze Solving, Ant Weight Combat, Robot Sumo, Hexapod Challenge, Biped Race, The Line Slalom, Lego Mindstorms Challenge, BEAM Competition, Aibo Performer, Best Of Show, and many others!

Register your robot today!

So, show up, watch or participate, and have fun.

Near Chaos Robotics is bringing hopefully three robots to the show.
Ruiner, a 60lb angled bar spinner
Apollyon, a 12lb 15mph wedge with some horns and a flamethrower
CSGIC, a spinning top of doom.(built by my teammate, and head honcho of the fabrication group on team 675)