Robonaut's Lone Star videos disappeared

What the thread title says. Robonauts118 had nearly every LSR match posted on YouTube and now they’ve all been deleted. Does anyone know what the story is on this and if we can get the video files to host them elsewhere?

I believe this is a Blue Alliance Error, This was happening with other regionals I alerted them to the issue and they reupload most of the videos it is possible some were missed.
I suggest shooting an email over to the Blue Alliance contact and letting them know.

Not TBA’s fault. Looking at Robonauts118’s Youtube account, it looks like all the all the match videos were uploaded within the last 24 hours or so. Since they were up on TBA well before that, they must have been deleted and re-uploaded for some reason. Last one was listed as being uploaded 11 minutes ago, so I’ll wait and see if the uploaded provides the new links to TBA and that irons everything out.

We uploaded the videos on YouTube and submitted them to The Blue Alliance, but our media team decided to rename so they make more sense. We are uploading the new videos to YouTube; they should be on soon or are there now. I’m not sure if anyone on our team will submit them to the Blue Alliance spreadsheet because we are off to Bayou

You ought to be able to rename the videos on Youtube without uploading them again. I upload raw video to our account all the time and, sometimes, edit the titles and descriptions later.

It’s much easier and faster to just rename them on your computer and reupload.

Uhh… no, it’s not.

  1. Youtube home page
  2. “My Channel”
  3. Click on video to rename
  4. Click on pencil icon
  5. Rename video

Less than 1 minute. If you’re uploading full match videos in under 1 minute, I want your connection.

I see you have started the process of re-uploading the Lone Star Matches on the Blue Alliance Document.

There is no need to put the word “rematch” , I suggest reading through the instruction sheet one more time to understand how the generated match string works.