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I am finally done with the “core” of the site and now the next step is to go after the extra content like adding pictures, and more media, as well as ALT tags and making the site more accessible for the vision impaired.

What do you guys think of the Robonauts’ web page?
What do you like/dislike about the layout, content, etc.?
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The site looks fantastic, and it is incredibly easy to navigate. Well done! The best touch though, imo, is that it’s best viewed in firefox :slight_smile:

Very awesome navigation, good clean design, sweet loading times on 56k dialup. Overall, 9.5/10 (no site is ever perfect :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looks good Pavan, I like the up close gold/chain banner at the top. The links are good, the navigation is easy. Just keep adding more content ! Convert the newsletter to html and add individual pictures to your members (that may be too many pictures but that’s actually a good problem for a team to have ! )

We can’t do that due to some district regulations. I plan on adding more content like the history and some other neat features. The HTML for newsletters is a good idea, but I might just turn those into .JPG images as well so you get to pick which file type you want to open.

As for the dialup comment, I tried to make some of the pictures as small as possible so I am glad it is 56K friendly!

NOTE: FF3b3 is what I tested it in and FF3b3 is the only browser that comes the closest to passing the Acid3 test so I am trying to design for the browser that passes the Acid test but at the same time trying to also make it IE6/7 compatible since a huge chunk of the population still uses IE.



Great looking site. I still love that picture from last years championship.
See you next week at LSR. Can’t wait to play WITH you guys there.

Thanks. I updated more content and included a match from the series of matches that the Robonauts Botball team played to win the tournament! Please look around and let me know if something isn’t working right! Also up on the site now are some of the new images from the Texas Botball Tournament, Lone Star FIRST Lego League Tournament, and the EARLY Tournament!

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Very nice site, excellent, just like everything you guys do! I’ll be rooting for you at Lone Star and we will be seeing you at Bayou (and Atlanta, I bet). We always enjoy watching your team and being around you at competitions. My mom is coming to New Orleans with us for her first FIRST competition and I will bring her to your pit - I don’t know anyone who is better with visitors than Pavan:)

Nice layout. I like the PRESS and VIP sections at the top. I am assuming you did your homework? Good luck with the Website award! Your site is very functional and has a lot of great content.

Firefox > Else