RoboProm 2010

Hello all,

On behalf of Team 399, I would like to announce that we will be hosting our 4th Annual RoboProm this year at the National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception, the attendance to the event has doubled every year. Last year close to 500 people attended. This year, we’re hoping to get approximately 1000 people to come and enjoy the fun.

We’re wondering about prices. Last year we did $16 at the door and $12 pre-sale. Because the room needs to be twice as large (and we’ll probably need twice as much punch), we’ve raised the prices slightly for $15 pre-sale and $20 at the door. Let us know if this is acceptable, although a real prom is close to $120 (depending on the school) and this prom is 1000000 x pi more fun!

Good luck with the rest of the build season!

Team 399 Representative
Rene Haro

Any idea where it would be held?

Man i really wanted to go to the roboprom 2 years ago when 1388 (The other eagle robotics) was in Atlanta, but we were too far away to get there. Hope to see you there this year though!

I’ll be there. Last year it was so legit. I’m coming up from Hunstville that weekend to see the championship no matter what, so i mine as well go to robot prom. Good luck. 399

ohh ya that was soo much fun!!!
i’m totally going this year if we go to atl!!!

People seriously pay more than like $20 for a prom? Like, really?

Anyway, Roboprom was a ton of fun the last two years I went. I guess I’m a (17 year old) college student now, and the new 1000 - person size is a bit intimidating, but I recommend it to anyone. Especially if you don’t normally go to school dances or whatever.

I know if my team is attending championship, their going to have to miss their school prom. This shooed do pretty well.

I know i’ll be attending, even as a mentor. This event is seriously fun and a good way to relax on a Thursday night.

Also, I call dibs on wearing a hat that looks like a tower

I had my one and only chance going to the roboprom last year, but ditched the idea at the last moment when I realized that I’d have to be totally focused with the competition the following day. Because our team, which came all the way from winning first place in the Israel regional, was quite small, and I had to fill in about 2-3 roles at the same time during the whole competition. I’m really sorry I didn’t go to the prom, but I didn’t really have any say about it anway, because the whole team had to be together all the time. :frowning:

1923 went to RoboProm last year, and it was amazing. I’d recommend it to anyone. I hope 1923 goes again, and if 229 goes I’ll try to see if the kids can/want to go. It’s so much fun! If either team goes, I’m totally going as a mentor chaperone!

My team hasn’t been to Atlanta for several years, so I’ve never had the opportunity to go, but I’ve heard that it’s loads of fun! If the tables turn and 1189 makes it down there this year, I’ll definitely find some way to attend. With a really awesome dress (right, Libby? : ).

We have fun as mentors too while we are there. There is something for everyone while you are at the event. Usually, most of the older mentors are outside discussing the game or getting to meet other mentors from other teams. Some can also be found inside the area dancing too :stuck_out_tongue:

We do our best to make it a safe and enjoyable environment for all and the hotel staff usually do a great job in assisting with the effort. We may be doing it at the Omni again this year, but we are looking around just in case we find something else a little cheaper. Our team will let you know when we finalize the project.

There is no way I’m going because last year’s DJ was horrible.

For Nawaid Ladak, the Disc Jockey was horrible due to the fact that he played songs that should not have been played, he did not mix one song into another, he just immediately crossfaded into another song, and last but not least, his music archive was pratically 1 gb.



I thought the 2008 DJ was much better myself. I asked last year’s if he had Daft Punk and he said “no, man, mostly Top 40 stuff, sorry.” Then they played One More Time. :confused:

The crossfading could have been handled better too, but it wasn’t really a deal breaker for me. The lack of variety and mediocre time I was having with my friends made me enjoy it less than 2008. Though the guys from Aces High were cool!

This was the most fun i’ve had in awhile, i really encourage everyone to go!

These are the type of responses that can help make the event better. I do agree taht 2008’s DJ was better; but hopefully 2010’s DJ will be the best

Hopefully we can attend this year and make it a bit better for you again :smiley: . I’ll bring up the thought at tonight’s meeting as Wednesdays are usually our business oriented meetings.

I don’t know what 816’s current Championship Situation is, but I know for one I’ll try to go to the Robo-Prom if I’m there.

I was supposed to go last year and got sidetracked with some other team functions… (Read as, got too involved in the competition to remember how to have fun… :P)

If we end up in Atlanta this year I and a few friends may come :smiley:

Half the reason I want to get to Atlanta again this year is to attend this! My team didn’t know about it until afterward, and we were really disappointed.

So if 1334 qualifies this year, you’ll see me and a few other Red Devils there for sure!