RoboProm 2013

Team 399 is happy to announce that RoboProm 2013 has been scheduled! RoboProm is a dance put together by members of Team 399 for the* FIRST* Community at Championships.

Who: The FIRST 1500 to purchase tickets
Where: Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch, RoboProm Grand Ballroom, 315 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, MO
When: Thursday April 25, 2012 from 8:00 – Midnight

Price: $17 pre-sale via our website until 4/18 and $20 at the door
Mentors and Advisors Chaperoning: Admittance is FREE
Dress: Most people go semi-formal but we always love to see costumes!

This is the thread where we will be making updates and answering questions so check back here often!

Hope to see you there!!

Link again:

Note: Roboprom is organized by Team 399 and not an official FIRST championship event

What is your policy on those who live in the area, but do not have a team qualified for champs? I might like to go, but sadly, 3397 is not attending worlds.

You are more than welcome to attend!

Team 2974 is looking forward to coming!!! Ordered a case of WD-40.

1305 wants to go! We’ll be bringing the ice :wink:

I put a survey out to the kids and the results are very strong so far.
So I do think that Team 341 will be there.
We will pay online once the survey s complete.
Thanks for hosting this once again.

Best wishes to everyone on Team 399.

How is the volume at the event? Will it be the kind of event where the music is too loud and all you can do is dance? Not that I have an issue with loud music… its just that I am going to Championship alone as a volunteer and would love an opportunity to socialize with other FIRST robotics people. This seems like a possible opportunity to do so, but if its the kind of event where its just fun with no dialogue, it would probably be hard to socialize.

Count the Miracle Workerz in! We’re collecting information to get an exact number, but we’re expecting about 15 to 20 students who wish to attend :slight_smile:

Thank you for holding this awesome event, and see you there!

The main event of RoboProm is the dance floor and that does get loud, but we do have tables off to the side where people sit and chat and help themselves to our refreshments. If you find the dance room a bit too loud we do have another room available that people decide to hang out in that is a lot quieter.

And (if I recall) there are many fun games of ninja, honey, and other socializing games around the hotel.

Very excited to announce that 399 has once again given me the distinct honor of handing out RoboProm King and Queen - so I’ll be there!

I’m not sure yet how the titles will be decided - we’re working on that now - but we’ll make sure to let you know!

See you all in St. Louis!

I really do wish I was going to champs now.

Better start working on my duct tape vest and fedora… :smiley:

I believe our students are planning on attending, looks like fun.

Team 399 is very pleased to announced that AndyMark, Inc. is now an official sponsor of music at RoboProm!!

Don’t forget that our pre-sale ENDS April 18th!

Will we be able to buy tickets from 399 at their pit? Or is it strictly online or at the door?

399 will not be selling tickets in the pit this year. We will have tickets available in the courtyard with the FIRST banner where we will be distributing tickets on Wednesday and Thursday. We will update you all when more details regarding ticket distribution are finalized.

What food/refreshments will be available at Roboprom? Are these for purchase or included in the ticket price?


Yes! We will be serving cookies, punch, and water at the event.

Sound’s pretty fine!