Hey everyone!! :slight_smile:
I’m from rookie team T-Rex 4935. We were on the winning alliance at the Palmetto Regional this year and we heard that there was a roboprom last year at nationals.
So we are wondering: will there be a roboprom at nationals this year?
If so, when and where will it be? :confused: :confused:
If you guys could please let us know that would be great, thanks!!
:] :]


Though you are a bit early on this… My experience is that information will come out much closer to the World Championships.

Be patient…

Well done on your achievement!


Congratulations on your win.

Roboprom is still in the planning stages, but it will most definitely be held at this year’s Championships. We will likely start selling tickets towards the end of week 4 or 5. Just check CD regularly, and I’m sure you’ll see our annual promotional post.

Follow-up for you Justinz.

Here is the link to the 2014 roboprom you asked about if you have not seen it yet.