RoboProm 2015

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This thread will be where all official updates will be announced! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Note: RoboProm is hosted by FRC Team 399: Eagle Robotics and is not an official FIRST Championship Event. RoboProm 2014 was sponsored by AndyMark and the Hyatt.

Due to a large number of submissions related to music at the event there is now a separate form for all music related suggestions. Please fill out the survey so we can provide better music for this year’s RoboProm.Thanks for your time and support.

Team 399: Eagle Robotics is excited to announce our 9th annual RoboProm!

Where: Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch, RoboProm Grand Ballroom, 315 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, MO

When: Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 8:00 PM-12:00 AM

Dress Code: Some people go semi-formal, some go fancy, and some like to wear unique costumes. Whatever suits you!

Price: 25$ pre-sale via our team website up until 4/17, tickets will be 30$ at the Championship event. Mentors and advisers chaperoning are welcome into the event for free.

Email For questions/comments: [email protected]

This is such an amazing idea, I will have to prompose this to my team. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful thing that you do as a team.

How can adults reserve tickets? Since they are $0, PayPal won’t let us “check out.”

Are you requiring that each team purchase all their tickets on one transaction? I notice that the website asks for the mentors to be added to the cart separately, then change the quantity before checking out. Does that mean that the whole team needs to be purchased at the same time?

The whole team does not have to purchase tickets at the same time, it can be done separately. Tickets are going fast so teams should look at their Thursday schedule and purchase soon.

On behalf of Team 399:

Due to unexpected issues Pre-Sale RoboProm tickets will end on Tuesday, 4/14/15. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Link to buy tickets:

if my team can’t buy the tickets online before tomorrow, when will we be able to buy the tickets at Champs?

Tickets will be sold on Wednesday, 4/22/15 for $25 at the courtyard from 2PM-6PM and on Thursday, 4/23/15, for $30 from 9AM until we sell out.

Does this typically fill up? Never been before. Kids are excited about going thanks for putting this on.

Can we still but them online now? What time today does ticket sales end?


PNW FIRST DANCE==> Teaching. I plan to attend and do a few run throughs of the new PNW FIRST DANCE. Here is link if you wish to practice ahead of time. It will probably be crowded in the Prom but look for me out in some hall…I would gladly teach anyone who wants to join. Here link to youtube Teaching Video 2015…
I will probably post elsewhere a bit about the dance itself and backstory…
Remember YIKES don’t foollow me…I created the Dance but am still working on the moves ?? !?