RoboPromo's New Quick Change Bumpers For 2021

This new product includes 4 single pieces of our blue standard material. With pre-sewn Velcro for easy attachments. Set includes two pieces 33" long, and two pieces 27" long, or two 8" long parts for intakes. New FRC rules allow bumper wraps (meaning corners can be exposed). These all new RoboPromo Bumper Wraps allow for quick changing of alliance colors with the Velcro attachments. Shop for Bumper Wraps at

Vanity Bumper Kit includes:
1 roll of 200" bumper material in your color of choice
4 custom iron on logos (1 design only)
4 sets of custom numbers
1 stud plate bumper bracket kit
8 pool noodles

Logo and number color choices:
White or Black

Bumper material color choices:
Red, Blue, Navy, Yellow, Kelly Green, and Black

Shop for Vanity Bumper Kits at


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