RoboRaiders In The Newspaper

For anyone who gets the Courier Newspaper, in Friday’s issue, Team 75 - RoboRaiders, were featured on the front page. There is a photo with 4 members as well as a very nicely written article. The article can be found online at in case you do not get the paper and would like to read about the RoboRaiders.

I think the link you posted is broken.
I hope this one works:

Team 75 is having a great year. I hope they can get the money they need fast; It’s going to be a treat seeing them at Atlanta again.

Great Article. Its nice to see all the teams in the news. Good luck raising the money for Atlanta. Hope to see you there.

How come team 75 didn’t post this themselves?
Anyways…I hope that they can raise enough money to go to Atlanta. I think they deserve the reward. :]

Thanks Athleticgirl, Team 75 is grateful for your post.:slight_smile:

Ha thank you for fixing that :slight_smile: It worked on my computer shrugs It is a great article!!!

You are very welcome :slight_smile: I just had to share it with everyone I could!! A great team deserves to have their news shared :wink: Haha