This is a 14hr endurance rate in the dead of night being held by team 24
29 at La canada high school. Pits open at 4pm the night of Jan 2 and the race finishes 8am of jan 3rd. Our goal is to bring together the frc teams before season starts as well as create a new style of fundraising for frc teams. If you are interested please read the attached doc and email Mr Zimmerman his email is in the doc.:yikes:

Roborally 2014.doc (788 KB)

Roborally 2014.doc (788 KB)

Rule change-min robot size 20-25 in

please post comments or ideas!

I hope their are some videos of this. Its an intresting new idea.

this event will be canceled if there is a high chance of rain and it is 2429’s intention to hold another one of these events in the summer

We may have a live feed up during the event, though we will definitely put up some pictures once its over

Cancelled due to lack of interest at this time we will be holding one after the build season is over