Roborealm and Axis Camera

I am attempting to use Roborealm to view an M1013 Axis Network camera. However, Roborealm only has one option for the Axis camera: M1011. I have checked for updates on the Internet, but with no success. Is there an update I am missing, or is Roborealm not compatible with the newer cameras?

Should be compatible for all Axis cameras. We are using an Axis 206 with the 1011 setting and it’s working fine.

RoboRealm has not been tested with the M1013 Axis Camera. Have you tried streaming the camera to see if RoboRealm can interact with it? Otherwise there has been no updates for the AxisCamera module to be made compatible with the new camera if you have issues.

There is not a setting or program that uses the M1013 that I can find. the “Axis_Internet_Camera” is only usable for the 206 and M1011. I can bring up the video on a webpage, but I am not sure if I can transfer it over to Roborealm.

Try connecting to the camera through RoboRealm. You don’t know if it works if you don’t try. The worst I can expect to happen is RoboRealm doesn’t connect to the camera.

I have. Forgive me, I mis-worded that. I have tried the “HTTP” and “Axis_Internet_Camera” program For the HTTP I used the URL of the webpage the camera image works on, and for the Axis Internet Camera I set up the program to the settings of the camera (which are the factory settings). Neither of which displayed an image. Also, I could not find the M1013 camera in the list in the HTTP program or in the Axis Internet Camera program. Perhaps it does not support this type of camera?